Preparing, Filing, and Serving a Lawsuit

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Begin Preparing Your Case Before Setting Foot in Court

A poorly drafted complaint (lawsuit) could destroy your chances in court long before your case makes it to trial. 

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Whether you are representing yourself in court or are an up-and-coming attorney looking to gain practical litigation knowledge — you must learn the skill of writing a well-crafted and effective complaint. That is, at least, if you intend to:                                                                

  • Prove your claims by the necessary burden of proof;
  • Appear competent and professional before the judge; and
  • Show your opponent that you're prepared to fully litigate your claims

Meeting Your Burden of Proof

In Preparing, Filing, and Serving a Lawsuit, litigation attorney Neer Lerner provides essential information regarding burdens of proof for claims (causes of action) that will help you:

  • Evaluate which claims are worth including in the complaint (or which are just a waste of time and money);
  • Slice through the impenetrable fog of "Legalese" so you can feel empowered to navigate your legal case; and
  • Pursue the best claims to increase your chances of prevailing

… all in a comfortably-paced learning environment where you can grasp the legal concepts and master the material. 

Preparing an Effective Complaint

Neer will break down sample complaints line by line so you won’t be intimidated when preparing your paperwork. You'll begin to grasp the basic structure of a complaint, how it is typically organized, and how to accurately present your facts to adequately state your case.

 Plus, he'll show you how to:

  • Craft a well-organized and effective complaint;
  • Avoid or minimize mistakes that could get your case dismissed;
  • Plan to prove the necessary factual elements to win your case; and
  • Garner your best chances of prevailing in your case

Your purchase includes a downloadable sample complaint to study and use as inspiration for your case.

Study the principles in Preparing, Filing, and Serving a Lawsuit, and you will have a sturdy foundation for your lawsuit before you even set foot in court.

For more information on filing or defending a lawsuit, be sure to view Courtroom Introduction: Etiquette, Procedure, and Who’s Who? and Writing a Pre-Lawsuit Demand Letter.

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